Pillow Blocks

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Pillow Blocks - Built for Toughness

For shoppers seeking lightweight and durable pillow blocks for any garage or machine shop, a vast selection of components are available here. Designed for light and moderate industrial use, these pillow blocks are durable and resistant to daily wear. Requiring only minor maintenance, these devices are manufactured to deliver consistent performance to rotating machine parts without squealing, scratching or resistance to rotational torque. Constructed of cast iron, these blocks are built to perform consistently with a long shop life.

Pillow Block Bearings for All Your Industrial Needs

Though there are thousands of industrial components available, shopping for pillow blocks is not a difficult task. With this selection of pillow blocks, the solution for any and all industrial needs is available in a simple product that is durable and sold at a conscientious price for budget-minded shoppers. With two, three and four bolt flange pillow blocks in stock, the perfect solution for any small and mid-sized industrial project is in stock here.

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